Are you good news? What if you’re the only news someone gets?

It’s good news because we’re not all that good.

If it’s not good news, you may have the wrong version. It’s not a good story. It’s good news.

Whether it's a possession, time, or a talent, we all have access to something God can use for the sake of others. But nothing is usable unless we first make it available.

Pay attention to the voices of wisdom around you.

Isn’t it strange how we have conversations with ourselves? So often the conversation goes, “I really should, or I really shouldn’t. I ought to, or I better not.” If you’re a materialist and believe all there is in life is just matter and no god, for you there is no self.

Pay attention to the tension. As soon as you start selling yourself on anything, you should hit pause. We rarely have to sell ourselves on a good idea.

After the resurrection, the disciples were completely different people. They boldly spread the message of the gospel, even in the face of death. As Christians, we have the exact same Spirit of God in our lives, so why don’t our lives look more like Peter or John’s? We’ll explore this in Part 3 of Holy Ghost Stories.

We tend to think God was involved in the beginning, Jesus came later, and the Holy Spirit followed. But that isn’t the case. From the beginning, the Holy Spirit brought order to chaos and light to the darkness. That was true in creation, and that can be true in your life too.

Most of us know something about God, and we know a little more about Jesus. But what—or who—is the Holy Spirit? Is it a ghost? Is it a force? Is it even an “it”? The Holy Spirit is a mysterious part of our faith. In this message, we’ll remove some of the mystery and in doing so, we’ll discover the path to a fulfilling life in an empty world.

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